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Meena – I’m Not Invisible

Design for Myer Melbourne Cup Carnival Millinery Award 2021

I received my invitation from the Victoria Racing Club to enter the Melbourne Cup Carnival Millinery Award 2021 on the same day I was reading about all the atrocities happening (particularly to women) in Afghanistan. It was heartbreaking.

I decided to design and create a piece as a tribute to the women of Afghanistan.

Turbans feature as customary headwear in many varieties across many cultures. Taliban leaders wear black turbans – I decided that a white turban style would signify new beginnings, innocence, purity, and most of all hope.

The Taliban are trying to make women invisible. I read several stories of women who are in hiding or on the run, fearing for their life.

Meena was a prosecution lawyer in Kabul who had seen to the conviction of rapists, murderers, and domestic violence abusers. Two of her female colleagues have been killed by the Taliban. Meena is now in hiding fearing for her life.

This piece is dedicated to all the women of Afghanistan.